Drive-Thru Convenience Coming Soon

The new Parker’s convenience store at the Brampton Avenue and Veterans Memorial Parkway intersection will feature a drive-thru window.  Products expected to be most popular with customers in their cars – brewed iced tea, ice-cold lemonade, coffees, soft drinks and chewy ice, for example – will be positioned nearest the drive-thru. “We sell a ton of drinks,” Parker said. But his intent is for every product in the store to be purchasable from the drive-thru.  “Our research showed us that 70 percent of quick-service restaurants’ business – companies such as McDonalds – was through the drive-thru,” Parker said. “Our target customers are working moms who are time starved. Often they are traveling alone with children in the car. They need a drive-thru option.”

Though it maybe the most bold attempt at a drive-thru, Parker’s will not be the first convenience store in Statesboro that has a drive-thru.  Fast & Easy has operated a drive-thru window for it’s customers in the past, as well as others.

Local contractors
As much as possible, construction jobs on the project have been kept local, said Mike Canady, owner of Canady Construction. His company, based at Hagan in Evans County, has been general contractor for the last 15 or so new Parkers’ stores and renovation projects.  Subcontractors on the Brampton job include Statesboro-based Ellis Wood Contracting for site work, Brooklet-based Starling Plumbing and others from Pooler and Glennville to Beaufort, S.C.

Drive-thru beer
Unless the city of Statesboro amends its alcoholic beverage ordinance to allow drive-thru sales of beer and wine for off-premises consumption, the new store will not be able to offer all its contents to customers in their cars. In March, City Council let an amendment proposal die for lack of a motion after hearing some citizen objections. Parker’s project was never mentioned by name, but the connection is now confirmed.

Stacy George

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