How Did The Internet Get So Slow?

DDoS attacks involve several thousands or even millions of Windows based computers owned by the average user. Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer, has NEVER! EVER! been fully patched for vulnerabilities. Windows XP, Vista, Seven & every other operating system made by Microsoft are the most widely used on personal computers worldwide.  Is this necessary for business or personal use of computers?  Most of the time, at least 95% of the time, the answer is “No”.  Why do people continue to buy Windows based PC’s year in and year out?  Probably because Mac’s, although safer for use on the web, are expensive & Apple does not exactly cater to the business market.

What is one to do? The answer is simple.  Use Linux.  Why?  It’s free, secure, can run most of your Windows applications in a virtual machine if necessary, and it’s easy to use. It’s also free, if you missed that.  So you never heard of or used Linux before, you say?  No worries.  Switching operating systems is as easy as hopping into a brand new car of your choice & driving it home.  The friendly technicians at PC Depot are glad to help.  If you’d like to learn more just send email to & get started finding out how you can escape the endless cycle of computer viruses, spyware, malware, botnets, identity theft, dynamic attacks, expensive licensing, and marketing deception.

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