Multi-Million Dollar Investments Backed by City Council

A traffic signal at the intersection of Brampton Avenue and Fair Road was unanimously approved by our City Council with $110,000 in fiscal year 2016 and up to $32,400 in 2017 to reimburse the Hutton Company for the traffic signal installation.   The new traffic light will make it easier to access the Market District where a $14 million expansion is planned.   Another project approved by the Council is for a new intersection on Veterans Memorial Parkway between Northside Drive East and Jones Mill Road.  The intersection is planned to provide access a $28 million shopping center by Armstrong Development.  The project must be approved by the Georgia Department of Transportation.  Each of the developments is expected to include a grocery store.  The stores have not been named but one is reportedly for which the public has been asking.

K. Roger

Stacy George

Details, details, details....