Recovery In The Park this Saturday in Brooklet

Willingway and Pineland Behavioral Health/Developmental Disabilities are joining forces to observance National Recovery Month.

These two Statesboro-based community treatment and recovery advocates are organizing the second Annual “Recovery in the Park” celebration to promote awareness of mental health and substance abuse recovery.

As National Recovery Month celebrates its 25th anniversary, this year’s theme, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Speak Up, Reach Out,” represents the many ways that people can prevent behavioral health issues and addiction, seek treatment and sustain recovery as part of a commitment to living a mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy life.

This year, Willingway and Pineland are teaming up to promote awareness, prevention, treatment and hope. Event planners will host prevention initiatives throughout the month leading up to the second annual Recovery In The Park celebration. Festivities will include speeches from community leaders, a recovery day pep rally, community softball tournament, gratitude meetings, picnic lunch, kids games and activities, and screening of “The Anonymous People” documentary.

‘Recovery in the Park’ is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 27, at the W.W. Mann Center, 2171 Prather Road. Event coordinators have been overwhelmed by, and are appreciative of, the community response to pitch in and help make this event a huge success. People are speaking out to share about the message of recovery and hope.



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