Statesboro Fright House Event Raises Questions

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) – Some frightening fun advertised on the internet has some in Statesboro crying “boo,” but not for the traditional Halloween reasons.

A webpage lists the Fright House as open Thursday-Saturday nights during the month of October through the first weekend of November. The spooky tour is slated to be on College Street, at the old West Hardware building.
A viewer alerted WTOC that some of her friends had purchased tickets online, but found nothing at the site listed.

WTOC checked the building and found no signs for the Fright House or any decorations inside that could be seen from the windows. The city’s code enforcement office told WTOC that anyone opening the building for such an event would need a temporary permit to sell tickets and a certificate of occupancy from the fire department.

Neither have been requested, let alone approved.

In addition, Statesboro police noted they’ve seen no weekend activity at the site – from organizers or visitors.

The website promises ticket refunds, within provisions. WTOC emailed the website to ask questions, but have not received a reply.

You can see the webpage at

Now we are left to ask the question.  Who’s promoting this event?  The website this event is listed on looks like it was designed in the 90’s.  Apparently several local businesses have advertisements, although they look like business cards taped to a wall.  If this is found to be a scam, we will work to uncover who is responsible.  Holiday Entertainment is promoting these events, but there is nothing online about what or who Holiday Promotions is?  The owner of the website is listed as living in Swainsboro.  More on this when details emerge.