GSU Basketball Relevant Again

The Georgia Southern men’s basketball team faces Appalachian State tonight in Boone, North Carolina. Nothing special about that except the Eagles stand alone atop a three way tie late in the season in their inaugural year in the Sun Belt conference. For Georgia Southern basketball fans, it’s been a long time since their beloved Eagles have been relevant this late in the season. The Eagles own a 2-1 tiebreak advantage over Louisiana-Monroe and Georgia State, who represent the 2nd and 3rd place teams in the conference to date. A run-the table scenario for the Eagles would mean a two game bye scenario for the Sun Belt conference tournament which will be played March 12-15 in New Orleans. A solid finish to the regular season and conference tournament would most likely in the very least mean an invitation to the NIT. The Eagles are a combined 0-6 in both the NCAA and NIT tournaments, with their last appearance in the NCAA’s in 1992 and the NIT in 2006.