Local Groomer Takes Westminster Best In Show Again

For the second year in a row, Lynn Vogel walked away with a Best of Breed title at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, held at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The three year old Kuvas won best in breed and more this week at the Westminster Dog Show.

“It’s New York, it’s Madison Square Garden, it’s awesome,” said owner Lynn Vogel.

“You have to have an AKC (American Kennel Club) champion that usually means three years of showing,” she said.

Vogel has been showing dogs for more than 20 years and knows what it takes to get to the canine Super Bowl. This trip marked her fifth Westminster and it’s never been easy.

“It’s not the nerves of being on the floor at Madison Square Garden and all that, it’s worrying that the dog’s going to behave!” she said.

gch-aegys-sftrShe took Adele and another older Kuvas named Cole, who held his own. And while the dogs may look almost identical, Vogel said their show styles are as different as night and day. Vogel, owner of South Paws Dog Resort on U.S. Highway 80 East, recently showed Grand Champion Aegys Set Fire to the Rain RN, a Hungarian Kuvasz, at the prestigious and televised dog show. Her shortened name, or “call name,” is Adele, and she’s not even 3 years old yet. Vogel explained that, to earn “champion” and “grand champion” titles, a dog competes throughout the year and earns points with each win.
To be considered for Westminster, dogs have to be American Kennel Club champions. Coveted dogs receive invitations to Westminster, and Adele was one of those invited to participate. Vogel said she knew Adele was special by the time she was eight weeks old.

“They only take 2,500 dogs,” Vogel said. “And the show will fill the day the registration opens.”

“She had a beautiful, wavy white coat, a really pretty head and her legs were on right,” Vogel said with a smile. That’s technical speak for having the perfect, overall body structure for a show dog.

“I like the competition,” Vogel said of her passion. “I like to win, and I like to win with the dog that I’ve bred, that was born at my house, and I trained it. And when the judge says that my dog is best, it’s a great feeling.”

Vogel said she grew up loving dogs, riding horses and playing sports competitively, including golf and tennis. She played tennis for Georgia Southern University but dropped competitive sports as she got older.

“Showing dogs is something you can do forever; you can show dogs at any age,” she said.

And if the trend continues, that dog is sure to be a winner, too.

Stacy George

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