City alcohol enforcement officer proposed.

From the Herald.

Statesboro officials propose to employ an alcoholic beverage control officer, a certified police officer assigned duties such as enforcement of the minimum drinking age of 21, in the new fiscal year.

The budget requests received by City Council at its early-April retreat showed a new Alcoholic Beverage Control Fund with $92,346 in projected expenses and $109,000 in recommended revenue. But the suggestion that most of the money would come from a $1,000 increase in the annual cost of each alcoholic beverage license brought objections and reconsideration. The proposed expenditures includes a $31,813 salary plus $300 in allocated overtime and about $12,000 for the officer’s medical insurance. Amounts have also been included for fuel, phone service, training and uniforms.

Mayor Jan Moore spoke against the proposal saying, “We need to look at another way to fund it,” Moore said in an interview. “I’m not saying that the position doesn’t need to be there.”

“The officer is needed,” she said, but she thinks the city needs “to be much more creative,” than charging every alcohol licensee an added $1,000.

Interim City Manager Robert Cheshire is looking for other ways to balance the new fund. Interviewed more than a week ago, he hadn’t found any state limit on the license fees, and city staff members were working on a spreadsheet to compare Statesboro’s fees to other Georgia cities.

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