What you should know about Trump’s golf business. https://t….

What you should know about Trump’s golf business. https://t.co/x4XkrrvKcu

I have waited for this story….

Let me clear a few things up for those that don’t follow the politics of golf, maybe those who haven’t followed the presidential race. This article is exactly why I will vote for Donald Trump and should explain why if the economy is a issue for you, Donald Trump should be your candidate.

Going back to the collapse of the economy, if you watch FOX NEWS you would be aware that Donald Trump was a very welcomed guest on most every show, his input was always appreciated. Wondering why FOX seemingly turned on Trump. The Billionaire Cartel that includes the media. The registered 2000 Trade Pac’s that are supporting everyone but Donald Trump is not part of that club.

When the economy crashed he was ask on Fox how is he surviving, he responded I’m not a Wall Street man, I’m a Real Estate person so I expect to do quite well. He started buying existing high dollar country that fell apart. he had a small reality type show of him building these courses. I told myself at that time, Mr. Trump your spending your own money, you will lose this time. I was wrong. Donald Trump had the foresight to know just what we have seen the past 8 years. The rich got richer,THAN EVER UNDER OBAMA. He made a statement that most every golf course he owns could be on the PGA Tour, but they don’t like me, so it will be hard if ever…
Few years go by, Mr. Trump with no offers from the PGA does what any good business man would do. He bought Doral, he decided if I want a course on the PGA I will have to by a existing PGA Venue.. Smart, damn right it was. He took the Blue Monster and turned it into a great course and event.
This article and the Golf Channel story tells only part of the truth leaves out what’s important. Remember that billionaire media cartel I spoke of, that club that really isn’t Donald Trump here is the rub. The Golf Channel that has played a huge part in the game growing, that little silly station that they told Palmer would never fly, Well it was bought by NBC, NBC was bought by Comcast. making just like boxing is owned by HBO and Showtime. Golf is now under the thumb of the Billionaire Cartel Media , we watched NBC and Trump part ways quickly after the Border comment. NBC being a huge supporter of the Democrats which is why the PGA spoke out when they did.
If you dig deeper into this election you will understand why and what it’s all about. TRADE. They don’t like Trumps stance on Trade. The new TPP BILL that was passed Bi Partisan bought and paid for by the elite. Don’t want the boat rocked, maybe because all golf clubs are made in China as well…. I will still play golf on the public courses like millions of others. I personally have no desire to play the same course every week. The Masters has few members very wealthy only. The membership fee is not that expensive, it’s for the Wealthy , we all know that. The Masters, one single tournament brings in enough revenue to support that course annually.

I hope I have shown you the hypocrisy in this story and maybe explain why I will vote for Donald Trump this time around..

Rob (Yahoo comment)


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